Samsonite & All Brands of Aluminum Framed Sling Ordering Information

Due to the unique nature of sling seating (i.e. sling removal, sling installation, sling dimensions) and that these are not commodity type items but are custom made for your particular model, we desire to speak to every customer at the time of order.  To that end, we do not have an online ordering system.  Yes, possibly not as convenient, but we have not lost the art of customer communication and customer relations that so often these days seems to be lacking in companies.  Everyone's time is precious.  If you find that calling during CSR hours is not feasible, drop us an email HERE leaving your complete Bill-To and complete Ship-To information along with name and phone number and a convenient time to call and we will reach out to you - at a time convenient for you.

# 1 - Determine Your Style and Take Dimensions of your Furniture

First, we need to determine your style of aluminum furniture (i.e. ONE-Piece Chair Sling, TWO-Piece Chair Sling, ONE-Piece Chaise Sling, TWO-Piece Chaise Sling, Ditto on Gliders).  Models will not be a factor in Aluminum Sling Furniture - BUT, strict dimensions WILL be.  Click HERE to go to the page that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about measuring an Aluminum Substrate Sling Chair, Chaise, and Glider.

# 2 - Choose a Material for your Sling

Next, we need to choose a material for your sling to manufactured - HERE.

# 3 - Review Installation Instructions

Next, we need to review instructions for removal of old sling and installation of new slings - HERE

# 4 - Contact our CS Department to Place Order

You may email your order in and we can contact you or you may call your order in.  We will confirm your sling order, briefly go over installation, and cover a few other minor details before you have a new look on your Patio Furniture.

Our CS Dept may be reached at Direct Dial 615.893.8683 or 888.808.2253 or via email at


Contact Information

Customer Service Phone / Mon-Fri 10-4 CDT

 888 808 2253  /  615 893 8683



Samsonite Furniture and Samsonite Patio Furniture are registered trademarks of the Samsonite Corporation.  All credit is given to Samsonite Corporation for all drawings, images, and training that made Samsonite Patio Furniture the Premier Furniture Line in the World for over 50 years.
This is only for replacement parts to refurbish the original Samsonite Patio Furniture Line.  New Furniture is not made or marketed