If you are unable to identify your model, email us images and we will identify for you:  These images are to identify your current model to have replacement sling seating made.  New furniture is not available.  
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Chesapeake Series

Regatta Series

Palisades Series

PLEASE NOTE:  The 8392 pictured above does NOT have the correct ARM FRAME.  The correct ARM FRAME for the Palisades 8392 will look just like the arm frame on the 8380 pictured directly above.  The seat frame and sling on the 8392 Palisades chair is exactly as shown in the picture to the left.

Body Glove II Series

Kingston Bay Series

Modified Body Glove Series

All Sling Dims for the Modified Body Glove Series (ABOVE) are 41.50” x 19.50” ( L x W )


Harbor Springs Series

Aztec Series

Natchez Series

Sanibel Series

Body Glove Series

Additional / Older Body Glove Series Models

ZZZ Frame Series

Open Air Series

Open Air 5357 Sling Chair & 5317 Sling Chaise in BACKGROUND. Same Dining & Chaise Versions IN STRAP in FOREGROUND. Straps (Original Straps with Clip) ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. YOU MAY REPLACE STRAP UNITS WITH OPEN-AIR SLINGS !

Open Air 5357 Sling Chair & 5317 Sling Chaise in BACKGROUND. Same Dining & Chaise Versions IN STRAP in FOREGROUND. Straps (Original Straps with Clip) ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. YOU MAY REPLACE STRAP UNITS WITH OPEN-AIR SLINGS !


Cushion Air Padded Slat and Standard Slat

Cushion Air Padded  20" Slat and Standard Slats 17" Chair Slat and 20" Chaise Slates NO Longer Avail. So, what options do you have ? Well, if you have just a few of the padded or hard slat broken or missing, you may be able to just re-position or space the slats out a bit so that there is more space between each one than originally designed. No biggie to do that and they are still very functional. Don’t like that idea, than you may be able to obtain and cut some composite planks (e.g. hardy board) and use in place of the original slats.


Round VS Square Corner relative to Sling

Rounded or Radius Corner on LEFT. Square Corner on RIGHT. As you notice, the difference is subtle when looking at the slings. When on the frame (furniture), the difference is more logical.

My Furniture Does Not Look Like Any Of The Above - ? What About These Below:

In the above images, you will find the Samsonite Charleston Bay Line from the 1970’s. In the first image, you will notice the Charleston Bay Chaise Lounge in the background. Charleston Bay was a CUSHION line among Samsonite products and is the ONLY line which we cannot convert to sling. Outside of custom cushions being fabricated……….. options are not available

All Cushion Lines……..

Images above are just an example of the literally hundreds of models of Samsonite Cushion Products. The chairs on the top row are from the 1970’s and the second row left image from the 1970’s / 1980’s. The Kingston Bay is from the 90’s. Again, there are many, many other models and generations. What you see in the images are NOT sling seats. They are called Seat Cushion Supports and Back Pocket Supports. Therefore, if you have a chair, chaise, ottoman, glider, double-glider, or any animal that has small units of material as you see above - you then have a Samsonite Cushion Product. You may or may not have the cushions. You might have never known cushions were designed to be on the chairs - but it is true. You have options - while cushions are no longer manufactured, we still manufacture the cushion supports and the back pocket support for ANY cushion line EXCEPT for the Charleston Bay Series seen just above these images. We can also convert your “cushion products” to “full sling” products. Therefore, you may still use your existing cushions (that we have seen last for 45+ years), have cushions made, buy generic big-box cushions with “close” dimensions and use your current supports (or get new ones from us) or convert to full sling. We can further explain all details to you !

Still Cannot Find Your Model ?

Check out some of the following images. If your chairs, gliders, ottomans, or chaises look anything similar, then you have the AL substrate style of furniture and you need to be on this page - ALUMINUM REPLACEMENT SLINGS There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of different models, styles, and looks. We do most all of them, and even those of different brands ! Didn’t want anyone to feel left out now !

Samsonite Furniture and Samsonite Patio Furniture are registered trademarks of the Samsonite Corporation.  All credit is given to Samsonite Corporation for all drawings, images, and training that made Samsonite Patio Furniture the Premier Furniture Line in the World for over 50 years.