# 1000  Chesapeake Dining Set


# 1000  Chesapeake Dining Set. (2) 9281 Swivel Rockers, (2) 9250 Dining, 48" Round Table.  Location Lake Wylie SC - Condition is excellent.  

# 1015  Original Body Glove Line


 This is LIKE-NEW !  You will rarely ever see vintage furniture like this from the 70's & 80's in immaculate condition like these units.  We can see another 30+ years of life expectancy.  Downsizing / relocation forces this opportunity.  Currently in NJ, about an hour outside of NYC, but moving soon to CT.

# 1038 Original / Samsonite Sunrest Designer Collection from the 1960's !

OK, they do not make stuff like this anymore - and you already know that.  Samsonite furniture from the 1960's !  How many other products are even still around and in existence today from that era ?   Family held these over from grandparents estate sale and now wants to find a good home for them.  There are even a few replacement slats that go with the set.  Customer is located in Denver.

  Email contact is randi.sims.deca@comcast.net

# 1067 Original / Samsonite Kingston Bay Series !

The ONLY item left available in the above set is the TEACART on right. Best Teacarts ever produced !

Immaculate condition Kingston Bay Series Samsonite Furniture from about 1992 era.  Everything is in perfect condition and we can easily see another 25 to 30 years of life with minimal maintenance.  This set contains SIX of the 8181 swivel rockers, TWO of the 8150 Dining Chairs, ONE of the 8110 Chaise Lounge, TWO of the Round Top End Tables, and ONE Rolling Tea Cart.  Better Hurry on this as they DON'T MAKE STUFF LIKE THIS ANYMORE !  For logistics, customer in Goshen KY.  Contact Customer HERE  




I have Z frame porch furniture and would like deck furniture. It doesn’t have to match and I suppose if I am being realistic I will never find a match. But Z frame or body glove with slings not cushions is what I am looking for. My material is Garden Trellis so it is cream with stripes of blue and green and deep pink. I want two chaise lounges and two or three dining room chairs I have end tables already. I am sure there are many patterns that would blend with whatI already have and I could always get new slings for all of them if the pattern does not blend with what I already have.

Please email Linda HERE


Samsonite is a registered trademark of the Samsonite Corporation.  All credit is give to Samsonite Corporation for all drawings, furniture, and equipment that made the Samsonite Steel Framed Patio Line the BEST in the World.