Effective Aug 2012, and due to the limited nature of some original Samsonite Steel Framed Parts, the following polices are now applied.  Excluding Action Feet and Glass Clips B, we will no longer be able to sell parts without an accompanying replacement sling order.  We will be able to offer the aforementionedparts without a sling order.  Additionally, parts will be limited in QTY to each customer and finish selection will be on an as available basis.  We apologize and regret these necessary steps regarding parts.  We are pursuing plans of corrective action so that these limitations may be lifted in the future if possible.  Finishes listed may or may not be available at time of order.  We will fill the order with the best option available.

Additionally, these parts are expensive due to their limited nature.  Often times, you may not need to replace many or any of your parts.  Please speak to our CS department to determine if parts are necessary.

Samsonite Steel Chaise Parts

Samsonite Steel Chair Parts

Samsonite Steel Table Parts

Misc Parts


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