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Samsonite Aluminum and All Aluminum Brands Style Slings

Most One-Piece Chairs -  / $ 35 to $ 70 each, model / material dependent

Most Two-Piece Chairs -  / $ 45 to $ 80 each, model /material dependent

Most One-Piece Chaises - / $ 75 to $ 109 each, model /material dependent

Most Two-Piece Chaises - / $ 85 to $ 119 each, model /material dependent

Most Ottomans - / $ 25 to $ 45 each, model /material dependent

* Special Deals are generally on-going.  Call for details.  All Slings come inclusive with NEW Sling Spline


You may see pricing by other makers of sling seating online. Not taking away from any of them, as there are likely a lot of good folks out there. Just be knowledgeable of angular marketing. One example is that a maker had their sling pricing a few dollars less than our advertised pricing but charged a whopping $ 42.00 to ship the product - about 3X what should be charged. The customer is not previed to this until they are at checkout. They also touted a lifetime warranty on “some” attributes of the sling product. If someone mentions a lifetime warranty on ANY material or product made on planet earth, reconsider that purchase thought - immediately ! Online Ordering ? Yes, it is convenient, but we desire to talk to each customer, develop that relationship, give them a great measure of confidence in the product they are buying, and let them know that we will be here and accountable to them after the purchase. We also enjoy answering any questions they may have.

Let’s consider our business model (taking the time at present to get things right) motto as this: An Investment in the Future, so that I never have worry about what I just bought, so conveniently, online.


Samsonite Body Glove Style Slings (normally steel frame)

Most Chairs - GLOVE style slings / $ 65 to $ 110 each, material dependent

Most Chaises - GLOVE Style slings / $ 75 to $ 120 each, material dependent

Most Ottomans - GLOVE Style slings / $ 50 each



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Samsonite is a registered trademark of the Samsonite Corporation.  All credit is give to Samsonite Corporation for all drawings, furniture, and equipment that made the Samsonite Steel Framed Patio Line the BEST in the World for 50 years